Spa with tea leaves

Are you aware that we can use tea leaves to spa at home?

Tea leaves are previous containing numerous antioxidant elements and could be used even after it has been brewed for drink, and it’s just a waste to throw away them away directly. So never do that 🙂

Let me introduce how to use it to DIY your home spa therapy:




Face Mask Spa

Make yourself a face mask twice per week to keep your skin radiant and smooth. Mix a tablespoon of grind tea leaves, honey, and a little of hot water to make into paste. Apply on your face after wash and gently massage for a minute. Let the mask stay till it gets dry and rinse it with warm water. This not only helps to exfoliate your dead skin cells but also tighten your pores, leaving your skin soft and moisturize.



Hair Spa

Feeling frustrated with your severe hair loss or slow hair growth? Green tea has come to your rescue. Research has found that catechin in tea is able to enhance hair growth. Simply rinse and massage your hair with warm brewed tea leaves water after shower. This also helps to condition your hair, leaving it soft and silky with a layer of extra glow.


Tea Bath Spa

Feeling exhausted after a long work day? Dip yourself in a warm tea bath to wash it away. Simply place the used tea leaves (pack it into a filter bag) under the running water that fills the tub and let it soak . The water temperature and scent of tea would help to relax your body and mind.



Foot Bath Spa

How about a warm foot bath instead to console your feet especially after a long day walk. This not only relaxes your leg muscles but also gives you a refreshing foot with green tea’s anti-odor property.


Shu the tea house is organizing tea workshops with tea spa expert– THÉMAÉ Paris and welcome to join us.

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